After reading the article at the above link, explain the following Allen Savory quote:  “I can think of almost nothing that offers more hope for our planet, for our children, for their children, and for all of humanity.”

Your explanation/response should be a minimum of 3 complete sentences.


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  1. The fact that we are restoring lands that have been turned into deserts, gives us hope. Hope that we can fix the damage we’ve caused by using this new method of restoration. It gives us hope that for generations to come, they will have the land that was once barren, completely healthy and alive. If we can fix the problems we’ve made, maybe they can have a better future.

  2. He means that saving the wilderness is our best hope at surviving and having a good future. He says that without grasslands and expanding deserts the climate will still deteriorate even if we eliminate fossil fuels. He now has this method of saving the grassland from turning into desert, and that is how to will stop desert growth.

  3. Savory found a way to restore the desert land back to the way it used to be. This method will allow the world to be healthier for our children to come. His method is to move livestock around in a natural way so the grasses will grow back in properly.

  4. I think savory is saying that if we find more ways to save the environment and deserts and forests then it will be a better place for life to grow.

  5. Savory is trying to restore land that has been destroyed. It’s will make the world a safer place for people to live.

  6. Savory is trying to preserve good land and restore land that has been ruined.

  7. Savory is trying to restore land that has been destroyed and preserve land that’s still good with new methods

  8. Savory is the process of restoring land that has been destroyed as well as preserving land that is still in good condition.

  9. Saving the environment is our best hope of survival and restoring lands we have destroyed is important for future generations.

  10. The fact that the land is being restored by human activity.

  11. The best way to preserve our environment is through restoring land. This gives humans hope that we will not run out of natural resources. After restoring the land, both ecosystems will benefit.

  12. This quote can be explained because saving our environment is the only hope for the survival of the earth. Restoring the lands we destoryed is the only way to ensure a good future for our future generations. The hope that we will not run out of natural resources is the hope tha humans must hold.

    • If we restore our environment there will be hope that are planet can avoid the harsh predictions due to global warming and benefit up future.

  13. The quote is just saying that if we restore land there is a chance for our planet and everybody on it to have a better future then what is predicted because of global warming and habitat destruction.

  14. Trying to break the old habits that we have had because land has been destroyed with new ideas and habits we can safe the good land

  15. He found away to restore the destroyed desert land back to the way it used tone. He believes the only way to a good future is minting our plentiful forests. Without the forests, even if we eliminate fossil fuels, the climate will still change and destroy the planet.

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