Use your knowledge of energy flow within ecosystems to offer a simple explanation for the following statement: “All flesh is grass”.



15 thoughts on “Use your knowledge of energy flow within ecosystems to offer a simple explanation for the following statement: “All flesh is grass”.

  1. Energy is transferred from grass to a herbivore like a cow. Then as humans, we kill the cow and eat it. The energy from the cow is transferrd to humans from the cow. So we have energy from the grass which may be flesh.

  2. “All flesh is grass” can be explained through energy flow because through the energy pyramid, each tropic level is a transfer of energy from one organism to another, starting from when an animal eats grass, getting its energy, then another animal eat that animal, getting the grass and that animals energy, and so on.

  3. Your food comes from animals that ate grass. Chickens, cows, and pigs all eat grass. And if they eat grass, then in a way you are grass.

  4. All flesh is grass means that animals and other organisms are eating grass. Cause of that they are getting the nutrients and energy from it.

  5. Means that the only reason some animals live is gaining energy through grass, grass is a neccesity to many animals survival showing that all flesh is grass.

  6. The sun gives the grass the energy to grow. Animals eat the grass and then you eat the animal. Therefore, all flesh is grass.

  7. Every time one organism consumes another, or a plant uses sunlight to make its own food energy is gained be that organism. “All flesh is grass” shows that energy flow (the plant uses the sunlight to make its own food, a bunny eats the grass, the fox eats the bunny etc) that without the “grass” animals with flesh would not survive

  8. Omnivores eat the grass, and we eat them. It’s how energy is transferred from plants to us

  9. All of our meats mainly come from animals who have ate grass. Dealing with the energy pyramid, the grass is at the bottom, then the animal, then the humans.

  10. Energy is transferred from gross to herbivores and the herbivore is eaten by a carnivore. After the carnivore dies, it breaks down and the energy is released into the soil which returns to the grass

  11. It means no matter what you eat it comes from the ground. The most common food source is grass and most animals eat that and their predators eat them and the energy flow continues on. But without the grass there would be no animals.

  12. Energy is transferred through the food chain, starting with plant life, so everything that is created indirectly comes from plant life.

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