Kirtland’s Warbler


indexClick on the link below (you may have to copy and paste the link from the “tag” into a new tab, then on the first link “DNR” article/link) to read about this rare species of bird. Next, read the case study in your textbook on pgs. 138-9. Explain how these two readings relate/tie into one another.,1607,7-153-10370_12145_12202-32591–,00.html


17 thoughts on “Kirtland’s Warbler

  1. The kirtlands warbler live on pine islands and pine trees need controlled fires or natural wildfires to thrive. The seeds only germinate at very high temperatures and the leafy trees need to be lessened.

  2. The kirtland warblers live and breed in the jack pime barrens, which they count on for survival.Fire always has been an important factor in the jack pine barrens. The young jack pines grow after fire removes older trees and rejuvenates the forest. Heat from fire opens jack pine cones to release seeds. Fire also prepares the ground for the germination of the seeds which then in turn creates more trees for the birds to use.

  3. These two readings are related because the Kirkland warblers habitat is pine trees, which need controlled fires or nature wildfires to survive.

  4. Fires clear out the old jack pine trees and allow new seeds to germinate. This is the only way the seeds shell will crack. The new and more trees allow for the nesting of more birds.

  5. These two reading relate because both of these species live in jack pine trees. This is unique because pine trees can only grow when a fire has removed older trees.

  6. These two articles are similar because the bird needs the color of the tree’s in the Michigan area to survive while the jack pine needs a fire to be able to send out its seeds.

  7. Kirkland warblers habitats are pine trees. They need natural wildfires and controlled fires to survive. Both readings specify this.

  8. Fires and natural wild fires are needed to keep pine trees controlled and the warblers inhabit these pine trees as there homes.

  9. They are both similar because of the warblers habitat and to make sure they survive they cut down a certain number of pine trees cause that’s where they live.

  10. The relation found between these two readings is that the line trees that the Kirtlands Warblers live on, need to be controlled by either man made fires or natural wildfires, for the tree to survive. However the warbler is a very rare species and setting a fire to their habitat could bring them danger.

  11. Fires are needed to rejuvenate the pine trees in which the Kirtlands warblers inhabit

  12. The birds live on lower branches of jack pine trees, which need fire to clear the old trees for the seeds that release due to the fire. The fire, in association, is good for the environment and the birds.

  13. In both reading the Kirtland Warbler lives in jack pine trees. They normally live on the branches of these trees. The Kirtland Warbler need natural wild fires to occur to manage the jack pine trees which helps out their habitat.

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