pg. 128-29: read the case study and answer the 2 critical thinking questions.



17 thoughts on “pg. 128-29: read the case study and answer the 2 critical thinking questions.

  1. Some countries use it to kill Mosquitos that carry malaria, even though they know it is bad for the environment.

  2. 1. It would increase and spread to more organisms because many species need water, and would also ingest the DDT
    2. It’s used to eliminate mosquitos, which can spread malaria and yellow fever. So they would rather keep humans from getting sick and dying by mosquito bites

  3. If water dissolved the DDT then the bacteria and algae would not take it in. Therefore, neither would the fish or birds. The accumulation would be little to none. DDT is used in some countries in order to kill mosquitoes that carry malaria.

  4. 1. Even if it did dissolve I the water it wouldn’t matter the fish and organisms would still be affected, meaning a lot of the population would drop.
    2. It’s still used for others things. Like the works toilet bowl cleaner that is really hazardous but we still use it. Same difference.

  5. 1. DDT can kill an organism, weaken its immune system, cause deformities, or impair its ability to reproduce.
    2. To eliminate Mosquitos that carry the disease malaria.

  6. 1. More organisms would be effected rather than the organisms that just eat algae
    2. Some countries still use DDT to kill mosquitoes.

  7. The DDT would be affecting a lot more animals, and even some humans. Mammals need water to survive but if that water has DDT in it, more animals will be poisoned.

  8. 1.) if DDT dissolved readily in the water the accumulation of the pesticide in organisms would then it would not be able to enter the organisms affected and harm them.
    2.) DDT is still used in some countries because it eliminates mosquitoes that carry harmful diseases like malaria.

  9. 1. If the DDT readily dissolved in water, then the pesticide accumulation in the organisms would be much greater and more harmful.
    2. DDT is still used in some countries because it is used to eliminate mosquitoes that carry the disease malaria.

  10. 1: the accumulation of pesticides in an organism would be more noticeable and would effect many organisms through the food chain because it would come in contact with more organisms, not just ones who eat/come in contact with algae.
    2: it is used in large quantities to eliminate mosquitos that carry malaria.

  11. Bacteria breaksif it did dissolve in water, DDT would be taken in by organisms in that ecosystem and cause changes. Some countries use DDT to kill Mosquitos.

  12. If it dissolved readily in the water than the fish would have a higher concentration of it giving the birds a higher concentration every time they ate a fish.
    In some countries Mosquitos kill a lot of people because they don’t have the medicine to treat malaria patients so this chemical is saving human lives which apparently are better than whole bird populations

  13. 1. If DDT was water soluble, then it was be passed through the body when you drank water and you would urinate it out. It would not affect the larger organisms as much, but the plants in the water might still be.

    2. It is used to kill mosquitos with malaria.

  14. DDT can kill organisms by interfering with the plasma membrane. Even small amounts of DDT can affect small microorganisms

    DDT is still used in some developing countries because it is cheaper.

  15. The DDT would effect more organisms if it dissolved readily in water. The reason countries still use DDT is to eliminate mosquitoes that have malaria.

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