click on the link to read the story…also, at the “end” of the story, it says “read more about this incredible story”–click this to continue reading the FULL story. What are you thoughts about this discovery?  How was this family able to survive in a biome with such extreme and harsh conditions?  What was the most interesting part of this story for you?  BE SURE TO ANSWER ALL OF THESE QUESTIONS!



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  1. I find it somewhat weird. It seems like no one could survive like that. They resorted to extreme measures and were cautious. The most interesting part is the fact that someone still lives there.

  2. This discovery is very interesting. I never thought anyone would live in a forest area like that let alone to want to live there. The family adapted to their environment and was able to find things that are usually unedible by humans like leather, that they could eat. I found the most interesting part to be when the geologists came and were at first completely rejected by the family. I would have though that the family would appreciate help.

  3. I think this is an amazing discovery and story. This family had to adapt to eir surrounds to survive, and were able to figure out how to live day to day. The most interesting part of this story is how three of the clidren died shortly after they were discovered, most likely from diseases they were not immune to.

  4. I think the discovery was quite interesting. It’s crazy how one family could survive in the wilderness for so long. I think they survived because they adapted to the environment and found ways to eat. The most interesting part of the story was how the girl decided to still live there by herself.

  5. I think this story is amazing, I’ve never heard anything like it. They were able to survive because thats allow they knew how to do, the kids grew up there so it wasn’t foreign to them. We could not do it because we did not grow up in these conditions. The most interesting part to me was how they didn’t want to leave the home. They wanted to stay in the place they grew up in.

  6. This discovery was pretty cool, there arent that many people in the world who live in complete isolation these days. If you do its probably with a tribe that hasnt come in contact with society. I believe this family was able to survive such a harse environment due to the fact that they were skilled farmers and hunters. The most interesting part of the story is that they had more children when they went into isolation.

  7. I think it shouldn’t be that big of a deal. If they left because of humans then leave them alone. They were able to survive by eating everything they could find. Scavenging was a huge part of there life. I would never have guessed that they all would have died because of humans. I thought they would have come back and be given the choice to leave or not.

  8. I thought it was a crazy discovery because of the fact that the family had been isolated from the whole world for 40 years. The family survived this biome because they adapted to the surrounding environment. They built a shelter, raised gardens, and hunted off the land. The most interesting part about the story is that they all would not leave their house in the wilderness.

  9. This is weird, but amazing how a family that was isolated from other human life were able to survive in such harsh conditions.

  10. The idea of a family being totally isolated from the outside world is unreal to think about. In today’s society it seems like everyone depends on the grocery store and clothing shops, instead of making it themselves. This family was able to survive because they were great hunters. The most interesting part in the story was when the family chose not to leave their house in the wilderness.

  11. This discovery is very bizarre. I knew that they would not want to leave their way of life because its the only way they know. They survived because they learned and adapted. I found the language that the two girls had the most bizarre. I feel that with three people fully able to speak they would be able to speak.

  12. This story is extremely interesting. It is fascinating how a family could adapt so much and actually live in an environment like that. I think the most interesting part of this story is when the ecologists come to help the, and the family still refuses.

  13. I think that it’s incredible that they were able to survive for so long without any human contact or the modern world. It’s amazing how they were able to adapt to the wilderness and survive off the land. It’s strange how the two girls couldn’t really enunciate, as though communication was not the most important thing to them, which makes sense because they were trying to survive.

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