After reading the case study: Hydrothermal Vents on pg. 78-79 in your textbook, answer the 2 critical thinking questions:



18 thoughts on “After reading the case study: Hydrothermal Vents on pg. 78-79 in your textbook, answer the 2 critical thinking questions:

  1. 1. This suggestion doesn’t seem realistic to me but at the same time there are many things that I don’t think seem realistic and they are. I would just like more evidence on the topic.
    2. Because they seem to be able to sustain themselves and if we ever need to we could use that or try to be like them

  2. 1. It seems realistic because organisms would need that energy and nutrients to survive, and without sunlight, they can’t get any and they would die.
    2. Their bodies are designed to take in the nutrients from the vents. We can use this to better understand our evolution and more ways to get energy

  3. I think that it is possible that life originated near a vent, we are pretty sure that the firsts form of life were single cell organisms that started in the water, and they were very simple so they wouldn’t have ways to generate their own resources.

    Organisms that live near the vents may be of medicinal use to us when we research them, or research on how to live at such great temperatures and pressures.

  4. It’s realistic because without sunlight these organisms would die. organisms need energy and nutrients to survive

  5. It’s kinda makes sense, but at the same time they did say that over 300 species life there. But is gets as high as 400 C I don’t think it is possible for living things to live there.

    I don’t think it would help us I. The future at all. All it the cold water coming up through a hole doesn’t really help anything. It’s interesting but not helpful

  6. 1.) yes this suggestion seems right because the organisms that live in vent communities either use some of the chemicals escaping from the vent for energy, consume the bacteria for energy, or have bacteria inside of them that produce energy.
    2.) the animals that live in these hydrothermal vents could be beneficial to humankind because they are able to live in very daring conditions. They are able to survive with very few resources.

  7. 1. We need sunlight to survive and so do other plants and animals. If these creatures can live without it I suppose that the scientists suggestion seems reasonable.

    2. In the future it could be possible that sunlight no longer comes to earth. If these creatures can live without it we could eat them, or use them. We also can learn a lot from them and possibly discover a way for us to survive well without sunlight.

  8. 1. I think it seems realistic. Without sunlight or other chemicals to replace sunlight animals can’t survive so animals will adapt to live which might mean the turned to the hydrothermic vents to do so.
    2. Humans are always taking vitamins and minerals to make our bodies more healthy. These animals can be a pathway to learn how to benefit human health in the future.

  9. Yes it seems realistic because the organism need that energy and nutrients in order to live.

    Organisms that live near vents can be used to test on to see if they can live in harsh conditions.

  10. 1. It’s possible that the organisms originated near the vent because a lot of organisms need sunlight so stay alive.
    2. Maybe some of these new species can be used in more research and to discover more species.

  11. 1. Yes the suggestion that organisms could have originated in hydrothermal vents seems realistic. The vents give out minerals and energy to the organisms.
    2.We could further study the organisms living by the hydrothermal vents and learn how to survive under water like they do.

  12. 1) This suggestion does seem realistic because these vents are enriched with minerals.
    2) These might be beneficial because these creatures can be used for experimentation and further underwater discoveries

  13. 1. Yes, it seems realistic because living organisms adapt to their environment. In the absence of sunlight these creatures have adapted and found necessary nutrients elsewhere.
    2. By furthering our study of the deep oceans and giving us more knowledge for all areas of life.

  14. 1. This does not seem that realistic because the gases that are mainly traveling through chimneys are not helpful to anything, too much iron and sulfur is not good for anything.
    2. So we can see how they have adapted, and how they are evolving,

  15. I think this is the base for all deep sea creatures giving life to the underwater world.

    This is extremely possible and probably happens millions of times over the sea floor.

    • Yes it seems realistic. As long as they get nutrients.

      2. They are beneficial now because those small creates feed larger creatures which in turn we eat which benefits us.

  16. It seems like it would be realistic because all organisms need energy and nutrients from the sun to survive. These organisms can also be used for study and research purposes.

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