What are some of the ‘risks’ associated with the environmental emergency in China…explain in detail at least 2.



17 thoughts on “What are some of the ‘risks’ associated with the environmental emergency in China…explain in detail at least 2.

  1. Can cause heart attacks, strokes. Heart disease, early death, cancer. Many things can come from being exposed to air pollution.

  2. Increased respiratory problems due to particulates penetrating the lung, and getting stuck there. Another is damage to the wildlife, plants don’t get as much sunlight and the rain would be very acidic. The wildlife would be affected by bad air quality.

  3. The breathing in of harsh chemicals and pollutants in the atmosphere and the acid rain that can result of this air pollution. Our bodies are only designed to breathe in certain gasses, and the pollution in the air isn’t any of them. It can do horrible damage to our lungs. And the acid rain can burn skin and cause horrible damage. It’s several times worse than anywhere else, so the damage is that much worse

  4. Air pollution can cause sickness within many people and cause respiratory problems. As well as effecting humans air pollution can have a huge influence on plants and animals.

  5. Some of the risks associated with the environmental emergency in china is the threat to central authority and respiratory problems related to the air pollution. The threat to central authority is a respondent of the unrest and protests that occur against the way the Chinese government is handling this situation. The respiratory problems that has been sharply increasing due to the effect of air pollution is threatening the safety and health of the country.

  6. Animals, plants, and humans will not have the oxygen or proper carbon dioxide in order to survive. Many could die. A second might be that acid rain could get into our drinking water causing sickness or death.

  7. A huge amount of smog has been floating over china for quite some time, but not as bad as today. Reporters of china tell us that 1000 s of men women and children are being hospitalized for there safety. As for the government they are going to try and block off these smog contaminated areas for people’s safety.

  8. With horrible pollution in China comes so-called cancer villages, where pollution in the water and air is blamed for surges in cancer rates. The town Yangqiao has been so fouled by the waste from chemical plants, the air is acrid and make people dizzy and yellow waste water seeps into irrigation ditches which produces sick dogs, dead fish, stunted crops and high cancer rates. Another risk is a hard time breathing because of the smog that comes from car emissions and coal burning.

  9. Some risks associated with the environmental emergency in China (air pollution) are related to respiratory problems. Things such as lung disease and strokes due to the chemicals in the air are not unlikely to occur.

  10. By breathing in the harsh chemicals people can get heart attacks, strokes, heart diseases, or cancer. The chemicals can also cause early death in some people or respiratory problems.

  11. Risks associated with air pollution would be the long term health impact it has, respiratory problems, but also increased risk of heart disease’s, and cancers. It also has an impact on all plants an aminals who need the clean air to survive.

  12. Health concerns could have a serious effect of the heart and lungs. If the lugs get filled with the nasty. Gassy air the lungs could be stained or even collapse as the gas reseedes the lung tissue. The heart will be effected by the smog getting to the blood stream which later may cause cancer

  13. Some problems associated with air pollution in china are respiratory problems and lung cancer.

  14. Breathing in all of the air pollution and harsh chemicals are not good for humans, or anything for that matter. Especially newborn babies should not be exposed to that much air pollution in their early stages of life. Acid rain is also another big problem, it can damage our drinking water, and our water sources plus all of the animals that depend on water sources for survival.

  15. One major problem is lung cancer which is crossed by the massive amount of air pollution.

    The other problem is with the heart cause the smog effects the blood stream.

  16. The air pollution can cause plants and animals to not get enough essential elements for survival, such as oxygen and carbon dioxide. The pollution can also cause heart attacks or other heart related problems because of the harsh chemicals entering the body.

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