Explain what the environmental crisis/emergency is in China right now. List a minimum of 5 things you learned from researching this current event.



16 thoughts on “Explain what the environmental crisis/emergency is in China right now. List a minimum of 5 things you learned from researching this current event.

  1. They are having problems with pollution, water sources, they are being forced to chart their growth, cause of chinas explosive growth it has left scars on there physical landscape. There is also a lot of metals being produced along with heavy chemical contamination.

  2. With the population growing faster than ever in china the pollution rate goes increases with it. When a powerpant spilt into a river, a large radius of civilians’ drinking water was effected. No one could cook or use the toilet because of the water being shut off. Prices of bottled water went up dramatically because of all the people buying it in panic. Two thirds of the cities in china do not have clean water to drink due to the pollution rate there.

  3. large-scale pollution is a huge crisis in China right now.
    -in the form of smog
    -it has created panic among the public and cause people to question the government’s handling of environmental issues
    -The growth and severity of PM2.5 pollution in recent years is directly related to the rapid rise in coal consumption, allied to an increase in vehicle exhaust emissions
    – plans calls for construction sites to limit construction activity that creates large amounts of dust, as well as asks industrial enterprises to reduce emissions, during hazardous pollution days.
    -plans also call for education authorities to instruct schools to limit or completely stop outdoor activity during periods of heavy air pollution.

  4. Their pollution is 35-40 times as bad and they’re suggesting people stay inside. Because the causes of pollution, which include industrial waste and the use of coal in heating, are as much a problem in other large Chinese cities also.

  5. The main problem is water pollution from chemical and metal contamination. That caused all sorts of bottled water to be sold out since barely if any of it is safe for drinking. The ecosystem is dying for lack of clean water. Homes don’t have water either to flush their toliets or to cook.

  6. Okay this was nearly impossible to answer. And the only things I found were on air pollution and that’s mostly in Beijing. The air level is always hazardous and sometimes even worse then that. To control it they have purifiers in homes, they wear masks outside, but they really just try to stay inside.

  7. Their water sources have been contaminated with harsh chemicals. Their air and land is constantly being polluted. They are producing lots of metals that produce large amounts of dangerous chemicals. All of this has left scars across chinas landscape. They are a constantly growing nation and they are now being forced to record their growth and damage.

  8. The environmental crisis in china is water pollution and shortages, desertification, greenhouse gas emissions, and urbanization. The growing population is china is what mainly triggered these problems. China is lacking access to clean water which is becoming a growing concern due to the rapid population growth. Desertification is caused by excessive farm cultivation that drys it the land and makes most of the soil infertile. Chinas new found dependence on coal has led to a sharp increase in carbon emissions, making it one of the top emitters of greenhouse gases. China has been targeting offenders and raised standards for environmental standards in the country, but too little is being done to account for the crisis that is occurring.

  9. 1. The pollution level fluctuates, it’s higher on some days and lower on others.
    2. The PM2.5 particulate level was 40 times the world health organization Safe limit
    3. The smog is released by pwerplants, factories, and cars
    4. Over 100 million people are affected
    5. Low winds and fog mixing with air pollution was to blame

  10. China is experiencing some of the worst pollution they have ever see. I learned that China’s population is rapidly increasing. This problem is a direct contribution to the Air problem. Also, smog is covering the central business district and residents were asked to stay home and avoid excercising outdoors. Also, Beijing is trying to curb vehicle use to cut down on the issue. Lastly, clean water is becoming very limited for some residents due to the pollution.

  11. The environmental problem that is happening in China is massive air pollution and environmental wastelands. This has been caused by the rapid expansion of population growth and the fact that China does not really have any environmental laws to abide by. Five things that I learned during this research is that due to the acid rain the Great Wall is eroding, parts of the Grand Canal are starting to resemble sewers, parts of Shanghai are slowly sinking because water beneath them has been sucked out, and some cities are so clogged with air pollution they don’t appear in satellite pictures. Reports indicate that only 32 percent of China’s industrial waste is treated in any sort of way. Already there are concerns of millions of environmental refugees in China and sulfurous rain clouds drifting from China to Japan and Korea.

  12. One of China’s main environmental problems right now is pollution. They have smog that is so thick they have to wear anti pollution face masks and buy air purifiers. This weekend the pollution rates were considered “beyond index” for over 16 hours. The Chinese government has a censorship on it’s citizens so they can’t talk about the pollution.

  13. Chinas biggest issue right now is pollution, smog is the worst it ever been. What looks to be foggy air is actually toxic smog. The population of china is also rapidly increasing, and more people means more pollution. Levels of smog get so high that people are sometimes not allowed to leave their homes. Chinas doesn’t have many environmental rules to follow as of right now and that’s why it has become such an issue. This contamination is affecting everyone is comes in contact with and even the water.

  14. Chinas environmental issues right now are overpopulation, water pollution/shortage(due to the over population of people in China), deforestation, climate change(China is the largest carbon dioxide emmiter in the world), and desertification.

  15. China is having problems with water pollution and shortages. There climate change and the biggest reason over populated with people.

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