What are some of the global effects of volcanic eruptions?



18 thoughts on “What are some of the global effects of volcanic eruptions?

  1. Volcanic eruptions release a lot of CO2 into the air. The ashes also fertilize the soil really well but first it kills everything that’s already there.

  2. The greenhouse effect and the depletion of the ozone layer are effects of volcanic eruptions.

  3. Some of the global effects of volcanic eruptions are climate change.

  4. Ash and carbon dioxide are released into the atmosphere, and depending on the size of the eruption the ash can block the sun and cause global cooling. Around the volcano it kills everything, then after awhile the soil becomes fertile again.

  5. The magma can burn things in its path, but the ashes fertilize plants

  6. Volcanic eruptions release huge quantities of various gasses. The most abundant gas typically released into the atmosphere from volcanic systems is water vapor (H2O), followed by carbon dioxide (CO2)

  7. They release dangerous gases and particles that can have several global effects due to their quantities and how far they can spread. The particles can encourage cloud formation for quite a while increasing global cloud cover and causing temporary global cooling. The increased cloud cover and cooling effect can significantly change global weather patterns – causing more precipitation in some areas and less in others

  8. When there is an eruption ther is a lot of CO2 released into the atmosphere which messes with clouds formation, later will create acid rain

  9. Volcanic eruptions effect the ozone layer because when a volcano erupts it releases HCI into the air, thus causing a loss of ozone layer. They effect the greenhouse effect because it adds CO2 into the air, increasing the size of the greenhouse effect.

  10. They release lots of harmful gases and different particles. These particles can form clouds and causes temporary global cooling.

  11. Some effects of volcanic eruptions are climate change, and it releases more CO2 into the air which effects the greenhouse effect.

  12. Water vapor and carbon dioxide are released during a volcanic eruption, winds can spread the dense air to miles away, tiny acid droplets can occur, this causes temporary global cooling and more cloud coverage.

  13. They cause high amounts of co2 to be released into the atmosphere and can change the climte around the area of the volcano.

  14. They pollute the air with the CO2 they release. The lava that comes down the volcano burns up anything in its path. Releasing more CO2 but eventually everything grows back and is replenish from that burning.

  15. They realese alot do CO2 and harmful gases into the air.

  16. Some effects can be the raising of global temperature by the ash blocking the sun. It also sprays down ash all around the area covering and killing plant life.

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