Christmas break!


What was the best thing you did over Christmas break and “why”?


19 thoughts on “Christmas break!

  1. I got to see family I haven’t seen in a while.

  2. I went to celebrate with my dad. This was my favorite because I got everything I wanted for Christmas there.

  3. Go up north for a week and a half…. It was the best thing because I am a skier.

  4. The best thing I did over Christmas break was that I went rock climbing. Not the typical thing tha most people would do on winter break, but it was indoors so it wasn’t too cold. It was awesome because I went with a lot of my friends and we spend practically all day climbing.

  5. I went sledding for the first time and it was.. Interesting 🙂 ha other then that I learned how to play some video game which I’m terrible at. But it was a pretty good time.

  6. The best thing I did over Christmas break was going ice skating because I’ve never been before.

  7. The best thing that I got to do during Christmas break was so shopping in Rochester. This was my favorite because they have a lot of good stores and had alot of great deals.

  8. I slept in until 11:00 I think everyday and when I did wake up I didn’t do anything.

  9. The best thing I did over break was go to double JJ ranch because I got a break from all of my sports and got to relax

  10. I went to my neighbors New Year’s Eve party which is always fun.

  11. The best thing I did over break was watch the Hobbit in Imax 3D. I loved the movie and felt that the director did a really good job. My favorite part was when they were in the pit with the trolls.

  12. I went to my grandparents house and saw some cousins that i hadn’t seen in like a year.

  13. I started yoga, I wanted to for the longest time and thought break would be the best time to start

  14. I saw my best friend Lilly twice this weekend for the first time in over a year.

  15. Christmas eve and new years party were probably the best part, had lots of fun.

  16. I was able to be with family and my cousins and I were able to just veg out and watch movies because none of us had to work or go to school.

  17. Wow, long time ago but I went out of the country and well that’s part of the reason I have bad grades.

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