How did you prepare for today’s test?




15 thoughts on “How did you prepare for today’s test?

  1. I didn’t study either. I just have a good memory

  2. I used flash cards, hope it works.

  3. I made flash cards on flashcardlet

  4. I finished the study guide, doing a little everyday so hopefully the informations would stick. Also I review last night and got up early this morning to take another look at the study guide.

  5. fell asleep while doing my study guide so kinda?

  6. I studied my test review.

  7. I might have done the study guide if i remembered yesterday. But I forgot. So I didn’t study.

  8. I just looked over my notes and assignments.

  9. Did study guide.

  10. I read over chapters one and two. I also looked over my study guide and quizzed myself over the Vocab terms.

  11. I read through chapter 1 and 2, then went over the vocabulary terms, and looked over notes and study guide questions.

  12. I looked through my notes.

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