Identify TWO ecological benefits provided by intact forest ecosystems (other than reducing CO2 levels in the atmosphere).



22 thoughts on “Identify TWO ecological benefits provided by intact forest ecosystems (other than reducing CO2 levels in the atmosphere).

  1. They provide a habitat for many species, which increases the biodiversity. It also helps prevent soil erosion.

  2. Tropical deforestation and climate change.

  3. Intact forest ecosystems leave a home for animals and they provide a beaufiul scenic area in which humans can walk through and enjoy.

  4. Increasing oxygen levels and keeping back the desert by keeping the soil in place with there roots

  5. There are many benefits from intact forest systems for example when we don’t destroy the entire forest at once there’s long lasting resources we an get out of it. Another thing is that when we don’t have a bunch of vehicles in the forest cutting down trees we are saving money, and helping reduce pollution.

  6. Trees in the rain forest provide nutrients to the soil, making it fertile for other plants. And it also is a home to many species of plants and animals

  7. Increases the percentage of wildlife, and climate change

  8. Two ecological benefits would be that wildlife species would flourish and would provide scientist with animals to study which might lead to a antibiotic or a cure to a virus or cancer.

    • I really like your answer, because like what Mrs.Mahar said yesterday we don’t realize how many antibiotics do come from the environment. You could also add that not only do animals help scientists create new medications, but also plants.

  9. Forests modify climate locally and regionally, and they create oxygen for humans to breathe.

  10. They provide homes for animals and increase oxygen levels.

  11. The roots of forest ecosystems keep the soil in place and prevent erosion. Also forests filter the air and remove many pollutants.

  12. Two ecological benefits provided by intact forest ecosystems would be that it provides shelter for organisms and food for organisms.

  13. Intact forest systems are shelter to many beautiful creatures, providing a rich and luxurious ecosystem for many species. Another benefit is that it prevents soil erosion by having all those roots in the ground.

    • Those are really good points! If the ecosystems of those animals are taken away they lose priceless habitats. Also when you brought up soil erosions hat was a great point. Roots are essential to holding the soil together and not allowing fertile soil to be eroded away. Good job!

  14. Forests are shelters for animals and provide animals and other organisms with food.

  15. Forest help prevent against soil erosion and they modify climate regionally and locally.

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