Why/How does growing food have more of an impact on the environment than ANY other human activity?


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18 thoughts on “Why/How does growing food have more of an impact on the environment than ANY other human activity?

  1. It uses up lots of land, water, and other resources. It also leads to lots of human waiste.

  2. You have to clear land for farms and livestock. You also need water to grow the plants and for the animals. Packaging of animal food can also lead to tons of waste

  3. It takes up a lot of land and resources as well as damaging the soil that it uses with harmful fertilizers. Produces more food than that of factories or other types of produced food.

  4. Growing food makes it so plants become less diverse, more corn or wheat may take over the local ecosystem. It also takes irrigation for some farms, which channels water from other areas. You also have to set aside a large amount of land to grow the crops.

  5. We use 80% of the useable fresh water to irrigate are crops. And we need even more crops from are growing population.

  6. Growing food has more of an impact on the environment than any other activity because agriculture is in a high demand. The growing population is increasing the amount of food demanded, and the space to grow that food is depleting.

  7. Food is very important for human survival, food also takes up space in which we could live, and lastly if we don’t grow food or take care of it, the food such as cows itself may disappear.

  8. Producing all the food need a lot of land, so that a problem, when we eat the food it later turns into waste which after time can harm the environment

  9. Many of the local farms take up irrigation which uses alot of water, often our food is flown in from another country and that food is normally sprayed with lots of pesticides. Our food packaging is often very wasteful.

  10. Growing food has more of an impact on the environment than any other human activity because it uses up a lot of land and other resources.

  11. Growing food has more of an impact because it used up most of our available water and land to produce, and as our population gets bigger and bigger we will need more food and water for survival so it’s a very important for our enviromentl.

  12. You have to figure it how to clear out land for plants and animals. And also you’ve got to find places of water for things to grow.

  13. Growing food is harsh on the land. We often clear land so we have room to produce plants and provide a place for grazing cattle. We also have to irrigate the farms. With only 1/32 of the world being able to be used to produce food and the rapid growth of the human population, the harsher producing food gets on the environment.

  14. The usable water on earth is extremely low compared to how much water we have, 70% of the accessible water goes toward agricultural uses. This means that farming and raising livestock uses a lot of resources that are limited to human use. Not only does farming use a lot of water, it also requires a lot of land, which requires labor too.

  15. Growing food uses up so much land and water resources. Also, the chemicals used for pesticides and fertilizer, and the waste from animals are major contributors to the pollution in the world.

  16. Growing food has become more important with more people populating the planet. More land has to be cleared for farming and growing crops.

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